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How it begun?

The Liberi Foundation

The Liberi Foundation, founded in 2016 by Wilma Kaptijn, aims to provide high-quality education and improved healthcare to children and young adults in developing countries, particularly in Zambia. The name “Liberi” is derived from the Latin word for “child” and is also linked to the concept of “freedom”.

The foundation is driven by the possibility of being able to achieve something special themselves in the field of education and health. They aim to provide children and young adults with additional opportunities in life through constructive and respectful approaches to education and health care.

The Liberi Foundation team works closely with a passionate network in Zambia. Together with the team in Urk, the Netherlands, they can be proud of what they have achieved in the village of Kamimbi in recent years. They have made a positive impact on the lives of the local community through various projects and initiatives in the fields of education and healthcare.

Where do you start?

The Liberi Foundation board’s first priority was to ensure a well-functioning board with members who share the same passion. Next, they developed a solid vision and plan to achieve their goals.

To better understand how to set up successful projects in developing countries in the field of education, they chose to spend the first year working with five different foundations that all had projects in the field of education. This allowed them to learn from each other and gain a broader understanding of the challenges and requirements in setting up such projects.

Location Kamimbi in zambia

Getting started yourself!

In 2017, the Liberi Foundation had a great opportunity to make a difference in the town of Kamimbi in Zambia. They discovered that there was a great need for a school, as state schools were difficult to reach and overcrowded due to long distances. With their good network in the region, they were able to take action quickly.

In the first year, an entity was set up in Zambia, including good governance. The focus was initially on building a school. During the four years they were active in Zambia, they achieved a lot. Gradually, however, the need arose to go deeper and mean more to the community.

The Liberi Foundation realised that there was still much to do in Kamimbi and decided to focus on small-scale projects in education and health care. To fund these projects, it decided to raise funds in 2019. In this way, the foundation wanted to make more meaningful contributions to the community in Kamimbi.

This shows that the Liberi Foundation is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs and challenges of the community in which they operate. They are determined to make a lasting difference and strive to improve both education and healthcare to provide more opportunities and a better future for the local people.