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Liberi Foundation

Every child deserves good health care and education is the basis of everything!

Liberi School

Each child deserves an education. The Liberi School is a private school built for children of the community of Kamimbi in Zambia. There was an urgent need for a school here because the government schools are difficult or impossible to reach for many children due to long distances and the nearest school is overcrowded. In 2018 the Liberi foundation started the construction of the school and by 2022 a complete primary school has been realized.

Siamatika school

Siamatika school
Children can't get good education if there is no decent school building. In most cases government schools in Zambia are poorly maintained and therefore not a pleasant place for children. In most poor countries funding for repairs or construction of new schools is lacking. Especially in rural areas. The Siamatika school was no exception.

Health Post

For the first few years we were mainly concerned with education but indirectly there has always been close contact with the doctor's clinic in Kamimbi. We have been providing them for several years with more medications and other supplies.

The medical post was in very poor condition, so in 2023 we built a completely new clinic.

About Liberi

Liberi Foundation is founded by Wilma Kaptijn. The possibility of being involved in creating educational and health-related projects was the main motivation for starting the foundation. We have an excellent and passionate network in Zambia. Together with the team in Urk, we can be proud of what we have achieved in recent years in the village of Kamimbi.

Our causes

Projects at the Liberi School

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In an effort of breaking the cycle of viciousness and addressing challenges passed from generation to generation, working together and making a collective effort is

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Loan Centre

The Liberi school has not just concentrated its efforts to improve education within their own school, but is also looking out for surrounding government schools.

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your donation, makes a difference


The Liberi School is entirely funded through private donations. They have observed that the school has already brought about many positive changes for the local population, but they are aware that there is still much work to be done. For this reason, they aim to initiate a new project annually in the vicinity of their operational area in Kamimbi (Siavonga province in Zambia), in addition to the Liberi School.

With contributions from others, they can make these expansions and new projects possible. The funds donated do not directly benefit the Liberi School itself but enable the foundation to establish multiple projects.

As a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI), the Liberi Foundation is recognized by the tax authorities. This means that any gifts made to the foundation are tax-deductible. For more information on the deductibility of donations, you can visit the tax authorities website.

In this way, the Liberi Foundation encourages people to contribute to their mission and the positive changes they aim to bring to the communities where they are active.


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Help hundreds of children get better education and health