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Liberi school

About Us

Liberi school

Every child deserves an education. The state schools are often overcrowded and, because of long distances, not or hardly accessible to many children. Also in Kamimbi there was an urgent need for another school. 

In order to create a safe learning environment, it is necessary to build a decent school, properly furnished and equipped with learning materials, but of course also with motivated, good teachers. The Liberi school started construction in 2018. By 2022, an elementary school will have been completed.

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About Us

Liberi school

The Liberi makes a difference with good education. We want to improve the quality at the Liberi school. We do this by bringing in changes. For example, by the class size.  In contrast to a state school where classes often consist of more than 60 students, the Liberi school has 38 students per class. Of these, 60% are girls. 

Children from 3 years old can attend the school, the school starts with baby class and ends in group 7. This means that the school consists of 10 classes. In addition, the school has buildings with good sanitary facilities, a canteen with kitchen and a computer room/library.  But of course there is also a nice playground with fun play attributes. A soccer and korfball field. 

The enthusiasm of the children and the motivation of our teachers and other staff are a great motivation for us to continue with this beautiful work. From the Liberi school smaller projects are started that contribute to a promising future for children, but also for the community. There is still a long way to go, but what results have been achieved in recent years!

Liberi school

Liberi school "Childs First"

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Liberi school for adults

Illiteracy and low literacy are still prevalent. Parents do realize that education is important for their children and would like to send their children to school to give them a chance to have a better future and escape poverty. The reason Liberi started the project is that we noticed that in the beginning parents did not come to meetings that the Liberi school organized even though the teachers had given a bill to the children. We then realized that most of these parents cannot read or write themselves. Through our contacts we conducted a survey. This showed that the adults are very eager to learn! Learning to read and write, doing arithmetic, acquiring the necessary basic skills and knowledge should be part of everyone’s life. More than 60 women and men receive two half-day lessons provided by the teachers of the Liberi school.

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Liberi school as a small-scale vocational school

Vocational training provides effective and good training that connects to the local labor market. Unfortunately we are not yet able to offer this, but it is a dream for the future. However, we have figured out that from the Liberi school we can already mean something for women who want to continue in the profession of seamstress.  A number of sewing machines have been purchased and every day a number of women are taught at the school by a certified teacher. It is designed to help them find a job or start their own business. It is also an asset to the school in terms of uniforms. After all, the new uniforms are made here and if a child has broken pants or a skirt, it can be repaired immediately.

Through the gift of computers, we can give adults on a small scale an ICT course.

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