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The Liberi School has grown into a wonderful school during the past few years. In the year 2024, first children have already entered the last class of the primary school. Unfortunately, no secondary education is offered in the Kamimbi area. This means that most children are therefore unable to get an education after primary school. This is hard reality in the rural areas of Zambia.

High school

Liberi Foundation has decided to investigate the possibilities of building a new school for secondary education. Secondary education in Zambia, like in the Netherlands, consists of providing education at both voactional and academic levels. The school will have approximately 6 classrooms. In addition, we will also need classrooms for practical lessons, computer rooms, a library, rooms for taking the examinations, teachers’ rooms, etc. The aim is clear: We want to create a place where children can not only dream, but where those dreams can grow into reality. Education as the foundation for the future!


Liberi Foundation has established quite a network in the Siavonga area. Currently we are already in conversation with the local government, the Ministry of Education and the local community. We are looking for the most suitable place to build the school.

In the meantime, we are busy preparing a first sketch design together with local contractors. The idea is that, just as we built the Liberi School, we will construct also the high school project in several phases.