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Expansion and renovation at the:

Siamatika school

Siamatika School, located in rural Zambia, was in urgent need of expansion and renovation. A decent school building is essential for providing quality education, and the school often also acts as a safe place for children to escape poverty. Unfortunately, most government schools in Zambia, especially in rural areas like Siamatika School, are in poor condition due to a lack of funding for repairs and new construction.

In 2020, construction and renovation work started on Siamatika School, which is located 8 km away from Liberi School. Besides adding two new classrooms, all existing classrooms and offices were renovated, and new toilet blocks were installed. The school now has electricity and water for the children. The project was funded by several donors, with one-third coming from Wilde Ganzen. We are proud of the improvements achieved and the increased involvement of the community. Almost all parents now send their children to this school, increasing the number of pupils to 700. With the construction of more classrooms, even more classes can be added to the school, allowing even more children to receive an education.

Collaboration between wild geese, the community and the Liberi Foundation

Transforms the Siamatika school into a fine learning environment

The year after the renovation, in collaboration with Wilde Ganzen, we were able to build a kindergarten and add a playground to the school. All classrooms are now equipped with school furniture and textbooks. In addition, we fenced off the grounds, preventing animals from entering and keeping the school clean.

As a sign of commitment, the community itself built two teacher houses and helped keep the area clean, create shaded areas, plant grass, and so on. The community was actively involved in both projects.

it looks beautiful

Complete transformation at the Siamatika School

Siamatika School has undergone a complete transformation in the past two years. Not only does the school look beautiful, but we also see a positive change among the teachers, the community and the children. Everyone is motivated and inspired. The teachers are proud that their school is recognised as an example to others. It is now the best school in the province, attracting many students. The government has decided to allocate grade eight and nine to the school now, enabling the first step to secondary school.