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Loan Centre

The Liberi school has not just concentrated its efforts to improve education within their own school, but is also looking out for surrounding government schools. As these schools struggle with a shortage of government funding, they do not have access to required teaching materials. As a response, Liberi School launched a lending facility.

The lending center has purchased a variety of materials in order to assist in improving the quality of education. These include abacuses, heart models, books, world globes, as well as play materials like skipping ropes, stitching boards and educational toys. Local community schools can use these materials, helping them and motivating them to teach. Providing these resources helps to improve the learning experiences for children and gives teachers the opportunity to enrich their methods of teaching.

A significant side effect of such initiatives is that kids are having more fun at school, which has resulted in a reduction of school absenteeism. By offering a conducive learning environment, children are being motivated to participate more actively in the educational process. As a result, it contributes positively towards the overall development and perspectives of their future.

The Liberi school lending center plays a valuable role in supporting surrounding schools, resulting in improved educational quality, boosted motivation and reduced school absences.

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