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In an effort of breaking the cycle of viciousness and addressing challenges passed from generation to generation, working together and making a collective effort is key. The team at the Liberi school and the health post office employees are working together in supporting both girls and women. They not only provide educational opportunities, but also organize events such as women’s days as well as girls’ camps.

Through these activities, young girls and women learn more about basic health, sanitation, family planning and how to speak out for themselves. With this knowledge, they are able to making well-considered choices to shape the future. Furthermore, the Liberi school organises summer camps in which girls are educated about important life lessons. Besides educational opportunities, these camp also provides sports, plays and a community spirit. In fact, the girls share with their friends and family information gained during this week, which is valuable to the entire community.

In addition to these activities for girls and women, the Liberi school organizes community meetings on subjects like AIDS Prevention. By encouraging initiatives and awareness like these, they contribute in breaking the transfer of issues from one generation to the next. Though the issue is complex, each and every effort is a step in the right direction.

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