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Opening of the clinic

A wonderful milestone was reached in Kamimbi, Zambia on October 13. This was the day of the opening of a new clinic that brings a beacon of hope to health care in this region. This initiative will have a significant impact for the local community and provide many people the opportunity to access essential medical care.

The opening of the clinic was a remarkable day in which many people from the community expressed their interest. This was a moment many people had been looking forward for a long time.

This clinic will empower numerous people to have the ability to access medical care that has been previously challenging to achieve. This will include basic medical services, vaccinations, prenatal care and treatment for common diseases. In addition, the clinic will act as a centre for health education and awareness, helping locals to take better care of their health.

This successful project shows that when people unite for a common goal and commit to the well-being of others, amazing results can be achieved. We hope this clinic improves the lives of many and represents a light in Zambia’s health care system. Congratulations to all involved!

Liberi Foundation kindly expresses its gratitude to Wilde Ganzen, all their donors but also the community in Zambia for their valuable contribution to this wonderful project.

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