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Expanding quality and capacity for 600 students at Siamatika school

Expanding quality and capacity for 600 students at Siamatika school

Children cannot be taught well if there is no decent school building. In addition, for many children, school is much more than just a place to learn. It is a place where they feel at home and escape poverty. In most cases, the school buildings in Zambia are poorly maintained and therefore not a nice place for children. Most poor countries lack the financial resources to repair or build new schools. Especially in rural areas. This also applies to the Siamatika school. The school was built in 1988 and teaches more than 600 children in 2-day classes. In October 2019 Wilde Ganzen visited the Siamatika school together with Liberi Foundation. Wilde Ganzen saw the need with their own eyes and jointly the construction and renovation of the Siamatika school started in January 2020. We are very grateful that Wilde Ganzen supported us financially in this. In 2020 the entire school has been renovated. Three extra classrooms will have been added. The school will have a new sanitary building and a water supply. In addition, the community has shown its gratitude by building two houses for the staff of the school.

In 2021, with the support of Wilde Ganzen, we continued with the construction of the kindergarten. A playground has been constructed. The classrooms have been provided with furniture and textbooks and the school has been completely fenced.

The Siamatika school has changed completely in two years. The school looks beautiful, but not only this. With all these changes we also see a change in the teachers, the community and the children. Everyone is motivated. The teachers are proud that their school is seen as an example for others. It is now the best school in the province and therefore attracts many students. The government has now also assigned the school a grade eight and nine. The first step to secondary school.

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