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Liberi Foundation’s new logo

In 2018, we started building Liberi School. We are currently building a new hospital, which will open on 13 October 2023. As the Liberi Foundation’s activities have expanded in recent years, it was necessary to update the logo to reflect our work.

The Liberi Foundation strives to provide people with additional opportunities in life in the fields of education and healthcare. Our motto is therefore: “Every child deserves good healthcare and education is the foundation of everything!”

The bird symbolises the freedom we want to give people. Liberi is derived from the Latin word ‘liber’, meaning ‘free’. In English, ‘liberty’ also means freedom. We aim to give people the freedom to develop so that they can independently meet their basic needs, such as shelter and food. The bird can spread its wings and see beyond today’s worries.

Liberi Foundation’s projects are mainly located in Kamimbi, a village in Zambia’s southern province of Siavonga. Zambia’s flag also depicts an eagle, representing the ability to rise above problems. Our target group is the community of Kamimbi, from young to old. The group of people in the logo symbolises the local community. The people stand side by side, grasping for freedom and a better future.

The round shape in the logo symbolises the sun, which gives light and warmth to the community. The sun also symbolises hope and a better future. We hope to achieve this by providing the community with basic needs, such as education and healthcare. Then they can devote themselves fully to developing and improving their own community.

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