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Success in under-13 sports and competitions

Sport promotes both students’ physical strength as well as emotional wellbeing. At the same time, this helps them to develop abilities that are valuable on and off the playing field. Through competition, kids are putting their value in team interaction, where exercise is valued that rewards determination. That’s the reason that this year Liberi school participated in under-13 youth soccer and netball tournaments as a part of inter-school competition.

Regardless if our pupils were participating the first time or not, their achievements made the crowd cheer. They were enjoying theirselves and their future in sports is looking bright. The second day our pupils produced their finest performances.

Both the captain of the soccer team and the netball team were selected to representing the district and compete against other schools in Siavonga. It is a huge achievement for the Liberi school and we strongly support the under-13 netball team and the captain of the school soccer team to be winners.

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