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The Liberi School

Every child deserves an education, but unfortunately this does not come naturally to all children. This also applies to the children of the community of Kamimbi in Zambia. Due to long distances, state schools are inaccessible or difficult to reach for many children, and the nearest state school is overcrowded. This is why the Liberi foundation decided to build a school in 2018. A complete primary school has since been completed in 2022.

The Liberi school is a public school and provides a safe learning environment for children who would otherwise have little or no access to education. Through the Liberi school, children are given the opportunity to develop and grow, increasing their future prospects.


The Liberi School

Liberi School ensures that children can develop and succeed in society in the future. They offer good education with smaller classes, appropriate textbooks and materials, well-trained teachers and after-school training. The school has 10 classes ranging from pre-school and kindergarten to grade 7, as well as various facilities such as sanitary buildings, a canteen, offices, a computer room, a library, a playground with play equipment, a football field and a vegetable garden.

The enthusiasm of the children and the motivation of the staff ensure that the Liberi Foundation continues to strive for a better future for the community. They have already started projects that have yielded positive results.


Liberi school for adults

Liberi found that illiteracy and low literacy rates remain high in the community. Although parents recognise the importance of education for their children, and are keen to send them to school for a better future, it was found that many parents could not read or write themselves. Liberi realised this when parents failed to attend assemblies organised by the school, despite teachers having given a note to the children.

To address this need, Liberi conducted a survey through their contacts. This showed that adults are highly motivated to learn. They would like to learn to read, write, do arithmetic and gain basic knowledge. In response, Liberi offers two half-day classes to more than 60 women and men, provided by Liberi school teachers.

Here's what we do

Projects at the Liberi school


In an effort of breaking the cycle of viciousness and addressing challenges passed from generation to generation, working together and making a collective effort is key. The team at the

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Loan Centre

The Liberi school has not just concentrated its efforts to improve education within their own school, but is also looking out for surrounding government schools. As these schools struggle with

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