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Kamimbi is happy to help!

In Kamimbi, the community is happy that it will now have its own small clinic. The nearest one was hours away on foot and this is too far for people who needed urgent medical care. The clinic is going to greatly improve healthcare in Kamimbi.

The construction of the clinic has started, but another challenge is the fencing. The clinic needs to be fenced to ensure the safety and privacy of patients, and also to keep out small livestock.
The community has come together and decided to build the fence themselves. They realise that if they worked together and pooled their skills, they could build the fence without the help of professionals. People from all corners of Kamimbi come together to help. Builders, carpenters and even people with no construction experience, all help. They work together to raise funds for the materials but also to collect the materials and build the fence. The construction company Epicrete lends their tools to build. Building the fence is a huge job and takes a lot of time. But the community is not discouraged.

Building the fence is not only a way to secure the clinic, it is also a way for the community to unite. People get to know each other better and help each other. It strengthened the bonds between people in the community and brings them closer together.
Once the fence is completed, it becomes a source of pride for the whole community. The clinic will then be safe and secure and ready to receive patients. The community looks forward to the day when the clinic will open its doors.

With this story, we also want to show the power of cooperation and community spirit. It is an example of what can be achieved when people unite and work together for a common goal.

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