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The health of our children

Liberi school children also get access to health care. Twice a year, children receive a medical examination. Children are vaccinated or given medicine where necessary. An optician also visits annually to check vision and hearing. A number of children now wear glasses. The dentist also visits the school annually. It is nice to offer the […]


To break the vicious cycle and address problems that are passed from generation to generation, cooperation and joint efforts are essential. The Liberi school team and health post staff work together to support girls and women. They not only provide educational opportunities, but also organise events such as women’s days and girls’ camps. During these […]

Loan Centre

Liberi School has not only focused on improving education within its own school, but also has an eye on surrounding government schools. These schools face a lack of funding from the government, leaving them without the necessary teaching materials. In response, Liberi School set up a borrowing centre in 2021. The borrowing centre has acquired […]

Sewing machines and computers

At the Liberi school, women are taught sewing under the guidance of a qualified teacher. They make curtains and carry out jobs for local businesses. They also make uniforms for the children and do repairs. Recently, one of the women opened her own sewing workshop. DHL Africa has donated computers, which are used by both […]

Education for adults

In Zambia, the problem of illiteracy and low literacy persists. A survey we conducted through our contacts showed that adults have enormous motivation to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Gaining basic skills and knowledge should be an integral part of everyone’s life. At Liberi School, women and men meet twice a week and receive lessons […]

Workshops and training for teachers

The Liberi Foundation aims to bring about structural change in education, not only at Liberi School, but also at nearby schools. The foundation offers free workshops and trainings for teachers, where they learn skills that can be directly applied in the classroom. These trainings are very popular among teachers because they are practical and effective. […]

Library and computer classes

Liberi School, led by headmistress Christine Soko and her team, is committed to promoting reading skills among their students. They have created a special reading programme and are committed to encouraging the enjoyment of reading. Both children and adults can benefit from the library’s wonderful books, obtained through donations. But that’s not all! Thanks to […]

Schoolbooks and teaching materials

Providing children with education increases their chances of a better future. Education is the foundation of life. To provide quality education, textbooks and learning materials are essential. Liberi School ensures that enough textbooks and learning materials are available to make education effective and at the same time more fun for children. Even simple aids such […]

Breakfast & Lunch

You can’t learn on an empty stomach!Liberi School recognises the importance of nutrition for learning and ensures that the children are provided with breakfast and lunch daily. These meals are prepared by two local staff employed by the school. The school mainly uses vegetables from their own garden and fish from Yalelo, a fish farm […]